Skylar's movie role as a Zombie! (Makeup; Prescreening)

My son landed a movie role in the movie 'Sick-n-Contagious' that was shot here in Brownsville, Oregon by LB Productions.  From makeup to camera scenes the entire movie was shot in a day and went from 9:00AM curtain call till 12:45AM the following morning.  We were beyond tired the following day, but it was an encridible experience.  These posts will come back to back starting with the makeup and character set and end with the wrap-up with the movie in it's own post.  

Skylar's role as a zombie in the movie 'Sick-n-Contagious'....

The movie is based on a terrorist that contaminate with a poisonous virus
 that spreads through several small towns into the public water supply systems. 
The sick-n-contagious virus turns all people young and old into flesh eating zombies. 
A team of seven join together to find the Vaccination Center 
as all hell breaks out through each town they enter. -Source: LB Productions Casting Page.

From normal-looking little zombie in 30 minutes.

Agreement signed and makeup underway.

Applying the "green-ish" face paint to make him look dead.

Dark eyes.

While the makeup was being applied, a Eugene news station was there filming the action.

Getting close to a zombie-like appearance.

What's a zombie without a couple of flesh wounds, right?

Applying extra blood "splatters" in various places.  The blood "splatters" were made up of BBQ sauce, ketchup and cocktail sauce.  

Scary looking already!

Apparently zombies still get boogers.

When I saw this picture of me holding Skylar's hand, I thought of a great book to write, "My zombie child."  Ha!

More photos HERE and MORE to follow soon!  
Learn more about the movie here!

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