Quick Tips 101: Things you can't go without knowing (Volume 1)

Quick Tips 101:  Things you can't go without knowing.  

Cleaning your windows with newspaper instead of paper towels.  Cuts down on paper waste and makes your windows shine like a peach!
Using labeled, glass, food containers as decorations on your kitchen counter.
Seek out bio-degradable products whenever possible. (Multi-purpose Wipes from Wysi Wipes.)

Always wrap and freeze unused meats immediately. Wrapping in plastic wrap and then again in a freezer-proof bag will prevent freezer burn.  Be sure to label the bag as to what's inside.

Eliminate sticky residue from an iron. Run the hot iron (no steam) over plain paper sprinkled with salt. (Real Simple Tip.)

Use a lemon to clean hard water stains.  (Broccoli Cupcake Tip.)

Spot cleaning hard to reach stains with the Tide® To-Go Stain Pin. (Family Handyman Tip.)

Keep your stainless steel sink clean with just some elbow grease and environmentally sound cleaners. (Tip Nut Tip.)

Clean your blinds like a professional.  ( French Knots Tip.)

Wash your windows like a pro.  (Chaotically Creative Tip.)

Extra Tips:  
• Always use the good dishes when eating with your family.  Every meal should be a special occasion.
• Always wash your windows and keep them clean, along with your toilet and your fine China.
• Keep kitchen counters free of clutter and wiped down, it makes your kitchen look more inviting.
• Make your bed everyday.  No matter what the day plans are, always make time for that.
• Keep litter box odor down by cleaning it daily or every other day, and use baking soda to rid odor.
• Set an air freshener in hidden places around your home (behind the toilet).  No one will be the wiser.
• Dust your home once a week.  It cuts down on allergens and tidy up the home in the process.  

All these tips are to help you stay organized.  For more organization visit the tips section at the top of the page.  Remember, every little bit helps!  :)

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