Preparing the perfect Bird Feeder

This bird feeder will pretty much do the job in feeding your local wildlife year-round.  It's one of the highest quality bird feeders I've found and works amazing!

The cedar bird feeder house I found is by Better Homes and Gardens and it's a good quality house that will withstand the heavy rains here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.  It also has glass seed sides that way it's easier to clean and will last longer than plastic.  It was a bit more costly than the other ones out there but, it was worth it because of its durability.  Here is a few other bird feeders you can consider. 

Once the bird feeder for my yard was found, I then went on a hunt for the right post setup.  I wanted it high enough so that the neighbor cats wouldn't bother it, but I didn't want it so high that I couldn't reach it to fill it or clean it.

What I came across was a hanging basket pole with a bird feeder attachment on top.  It was the perfect size and shape for what I was looking for and it was a clean look too.  You can find ones similar to this one here.  But most garden supply stores or garden centers will have what you are looking for and what will suit your needs. 

The bottom of the pole was then screwed into place right under the bird feeder and that was it!

I then went with Pennington Seeds and Pennington supplies for all my birding needs.  I prefer Pennington because they are good quality products and they are reasonably priced for what I am needing.  But any seed company will do depending on what kind of birds you are wanting to feed, even sunflower seeds.

For the squirrels.

I even went as far as buying a bell seeder and tying it into place with a bit of recycled twine.

I placed the feeder on top of the pole, once I drilled it into the ground, then placed my bell seeder and my squirrel corn on the other end and it was finished!

Looks nice I think!

I think the local birds will be very pleased with this set up.  I placed a suet feeder in the side cages of the feeder too, just to add in a bit more choices for food.  Till summer end this will hang and throughout the summer I will refill as needed.  Now to get a grub worm bowl attachment and I will have a birds cafe of dreams in my own yard!


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