Pebble Stone and River Rock Foot Board

How cute is this?  I first saw this idea on a blog post from about 5 years ago when I was blog-hopping one night before bed.  I thought it was the most adorable idea for river stones ever and being that we live so close to the South Santiam River I thought, what a great project to do with Skylar this summer.

We headed out to the banks of the Santiam River and started our hunt for the perfect "feet" stones.

Rafters coming down the river.

We headed down a little trail to find the perfect stones.

Even got our feet wet a little during the search.

Soon we found some perfect ones.

And started collecting a lot!

We even played with some fish while we were there.  

Do you see the little fish?

We through some rocks in the water and skipped a few flat ones.

Then gathered up our basket of rock finds and headed back home.

We couldn't wait to get back home to start our project.....

We laid all of our rocks out and placed them in the order we wanted for our little pebble feet display.

We stained the board we were using with some Old English Wood Stain so the rocks would stand out more on the wood.
Then hot glued them to the wooden board all down the front of it. 

Then put it on display.....

I secured the board against the wall with a simple hook bracket so that it wouldn't fall forward.

We just love it! 

I even had the idea that they would look great cemented into a sidewalk or the edge of a fire pit!  The possibilities are really endless and so fun!

Eco-Tip:  When it comes to throwing out old furniture think of ways to re-purpose it first.  If a table leg can be used as a pedestal for a lamp or a chair cushion used in a dog's house give it a go.  It's better to reduce, reuse, recycle, and re-purpose when you can.  For more tips visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.


  1. Thanks for this post, and the great pics. I shared one of your pics in a blog post I wrote about pebbles:

  2. That's awesome! Thanks for using one of my photos, I am flattered. :) And thanks for stopping by!