Our Garden Currently: A Little Growth

Our garden has been showing signs of our hard work over the past few weeks.  From the cherry tomatoes popping up through the dirt to the watermelon and pumpkins making an appearance slowly.  We are so happy our raised beds are working in our favor this year and we have decided that this is the only way to garden in a yard-garden.  

My birdbath has been the popular washing "hole" for the many blue jays that like to hand around my yard here recently.  One of the blue jays I have named Milo.  He seems to be friendlier than the others and comes and goes from the birdbath when I am standing close and even has landed on the clothes line when I am hanging clothes.  I've sort of taken a liking to him.  :)

My little Bean planting some beans.

Pumpkins, Broccoli, and Watermelons are showing signs of growth.

Radishes, Lettuce, and Yellow Squash coming along nicely.

We've got Russet Potatoes in the far bed and Snow Peas and Pole Beans in the other.

This is a mirrored image of our garden beds, but how neat is this layout?

Carrots are looking lovely in their beds too.

Irregular Gourds, Birdhouse Gourds, and Cherry Tomatoes in June.

Miniature Apple Tree.

Red Cannas
Firework Bush

My "ever spreading" Oxalas

The growth of the Birdhouse Gourds from June 15th-July 3rd.  These will be a lot of fun to play around with once they are fully grown.

June 15th-July 3rd growth on the cherry tomatoes.

The growth of the small, irregular gourds from June 15th-July 3rd.  I grew these by just breaking open the other ones I had and shoving them in a pail of dirt.  I really didn't think they would grow, but that always seems to be when stuff grows: When you aren't expecting it.

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