The night of the 4th was a BOOM!

We spent most of our DAY and our night blowing up fireworks and watching other people blow up fireworks.  It was a all around fun day.  Here's a few of the things we did that night......

The little neighbor girl came over, before we left to to see the Star Spangled Celebration Fireworks, to watch some of the fireworks at our house.  She and Skylar play together from time to time because they are the same age.

The Chinese Lantern was sort of a disappointment.  It lit and sprayed sparks, but the lantern got hung on itself and wouldn't open.  :(  It was a pretty lantern too, but clearly a bummer.

We lit off a few of our own fireworks before heading out to the big show at Cheadle Lake.  The same location where the Strawberry Festival is held.

I think our show was a lot more fun, but the bangs and booms of the firework show the town puts on is a lot of fun and very colorful!

 Skylar sat on top of the sun roof of the car so he could get a better view of the fireworks show.  

When we came back, we shot off a few more and made a night of it with sparklers.

And another one of Skylar's homemade fireworks.  :)

My up-cycled soup cans made into luminaries.  

We had a great DAY and an even better NIGHT on the 4th.  Hope yours was just as festive and fun!

See more photos of this night HERE!

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