My little brother gets MARRIED!

My little brother, Will, got married to his long time girlfriend (Kayla) back in May (May 26, 2012).  We flew from Oregon to Arkansas to be a part of this wonderful event and it was a great time.  I am so happy for my little bro and I am so thrilled that we could be a part of this fantastic day!  Before we took off to Arkansas we got Skylar fitted for his tux.  It was quite a fun experience and it was Skylar's first time getting fitted for something like this.  He looks dashing!

The weather was amazing in Arkansas and coming from the rain and chill of Oregon it was a great, sun-soaking trip for Jeff, Skylar, and me.  Here are a few pictures of the wedding.  This post is a bit "picture heavy."

Sneaking a quick picture before the wedding.

Two weeks before the wedding, getting fitted for his suit.

With a bit of "rigging" it works......

The boys were kind of hot in their suits and made for frown-face pictures, but once they came off they were in better spirits. 

Ryan, Skylar-Braden, Kendra and Natalie.


Ryan and Natalie.  I think at this point Ryan was itching to take his suit off.  

All the suit pants made me chuckle.  They were either too long or too short, but it did make for good laughs.

Jeff, Skylar-Braden and me.....we were loving the sunshine hitting our backs through the stained glass window.

Handsome boys!

A quick smooch!

The groomsmen.

Swab and the boys!

My parents and Will.  (Dot, Will, and Mike)

My brother caught me sneaking pictures.

Mr & Mrs. William A. Hardage!

I love this picture because the smile that's on the preacher's face.  Of course, Skylar is about ready to pee his pants here.  (Note to self:  Take child to the restroom before ceremony)  

The bride's cake and the groom's cake.

Was pleased to find out that Arkansas now has their own microbrew.  Diamond Bear Brewing Company

The suite.

Our card to them.

We are so happy for Will and even more excited that we were able to come down and be a part of his great day.  We love you very much and hope your life with Kayla is filled with love, joy and happiness forever!  
Congratulations Will & Kayla!

Thumbprint wedding guest tree.


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