Road Trip: More about our Trips to Arkansas

I wasn't too sure what to label this one, "Trip to Arkansas", "During the Wedding Trip", "Out and about in Arkansas", or even "Long over-due Visit."  One thing is for sure, while we were in Arkansas this past May, we actually saw a lot of things around the Hot Springs, Arkansas area that we hadn't seen in so long.  I am pleased that we were able to show Skylar so many things that he missed out on when we moved to Oregon.  He got to see the special places that, being eight-years-old, he completely understands what they are.  It melted my heart to be able to share these moments with him, and his dad.

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital where Skylar was born.  It seems now that the name has been changed to just Mercy Hospital.  Those are sort of the things you notice right away after being gone for eight years.  Showing this to Skylar was exciting.  He asked so many questions about that day and what happened afterward and what we did and what we ate and if I held him tight and loved on him.  It was almost like we were reliving the moment of his birth all over again by answering all of his questions.  He is such a great kid!

We ventured from there to downtown Hot Springs and found ourselves along Bathhouse Row.

Lamar Baths.  The city had these bathhouses shut down for a good amount of years, but now they are all up and fully functional, (or getting there), after some remodel work on a few of them.  This one has been turned into an office building for park employees and a gift shop.

Buckstaff Bathhouse.  This bathhouse is a true and still running bathhouse in downtown Hot Springs.  It offers the same type of services it offered back in 1912, when it first opened.

Ozark Bathhouse.  The Museum of Contemporary Art is inside this Bathhouse now after it closed its doors in 1977 as a bathhouse and spa.

Quapaw Bathhouse.  Now a fully functional bathhouse with its spa treatments and café.  Serving, what I find wonderful, hot teas and other foods in eco-friendly containers an array of other items that are along the environmentally conscious theme.  

Fordyce Bathhouse.  This bathhouse was the best one on the block until it closed its doors in 1962.  It is now the Park's Visitors' Center and an education hub for all the bathhouses.

Hale Bathhouse.  This bathhouse was closed in 1978, but not before it went through several renovations to keep it up to modern appeal.

Superior Bathhouse.  The smallest bathhouse on the row and it closed its doors in 1983, but was fully functional until then. It was recently renovated to add a handicap access ramp to the front of the building.

At the end of Bathhouse Row stands the Arlington Hotel.  You can stay at the Arlington under their "Al Capone" package for under $400.  Its revolving door in the front is still functional to this day.

After leaving the Bathhouse Row area we headed to the Hot Springs Mountain Tower.  

The views from the tower.

Then a tour of the Hot Springs Fire House in downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Skylar takes after his dad in the fire fighting department.  They both love BRIGHT RED FIRE TRUCKS!

Climbing along the rock face on West Mountain.

After hanging around Hot Springs all day we joined up with my sister, Kendra, to watch Ryan and my dad in a baseball game.  My dad's company sponsored the team and they were called Mike's Heating and Air THUNDER!

Ryan was such a good ball player and at times very comical!  

Skylar got to drive Papaw's tractor too!  Since we have been back he hasn't stopped talking about how "cool" it was to pick up the brush pile with the bucket.

We got to do a lot of visiting with everyone before we left. 

I got to see Natalie for the first time and she is a peach.

Skylar and Ryan hung around together most of the day.  Ryan showed him all the bugs and insects he could possibly find in Daniel and Kendra's yard.

Aunt KiKi was sad to see Skylar go, but we'll be back next year (for good) in no time. 

I finally got to see her wear the ruby red swim hat that I got her for Valentine's Day. Isn't she adorable in it?  Aunt Shelly knows style!  :)

Ryan loved watching Skylar drive the tractor around Papaw and Namaw's yard.  

We had a great visit and can't wait to fly back to catch up once again.

My mom and dad were glad to spend time with Skylar-Braden.

He even got to add his name to the car port where Ryan signed his name.

Bob the dog approved!

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