Lebanon, Oregon's 103rd Strawberry Festival

The Jr. Strawberry Parade.  Lebanon, Oregon is the strawberry capitol of Oregon, so we have an annual parade and celebration to honor that.

Little strawberry shortcake bakers.

The theme was 'Strawberries Around the World' and I think this moma-to-be nailed it perfectly for the Jr. Parade.

Then came the Grand Parade the following day.

The World's Largest Strawberry Shortcake.  They serve this cake to the general public inside the entrance to the Strawberry Festival.  It's served with local strawberries on top.
The Strawberrians of the festival.  This town goes all out in the name of strawberries.

Chester and Cheryl riding in the parade in their 164 Dodge Polara.  They stopped just long enough to pick up Skylar and let him finish the parade with them.  See Skylar in the back?  :)

Now onto the festival....

 We met up with Jeff's sister, Jaime when we got there and Skylar and her little man, Henry rode rides together.  They have a great time!

 Down the giant slide!

Rides, rides and more rides.

We had a pretty good time this year at the Strawberry Festival.  We enjoyed watching Skylar climb in, ride on and jump over a lot of the rides and fun activities for kids.  I can't believe this is our 8th year here in Oregon and going to this festival.  Time flies!

See more photos of this fun day HERE!

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