How to make Starbucks' Passion Tea with Lemonade

When the summertime hits the only thing I can think about is WATER, but sometimes that water gets a bit bland and you want to spice it up.  There are ways to add a flavor to your water, everything from lemons and limes to even a Pinterest post I found about "Sassy Water." (I thought the Ball Jar was such a clever idea too!)

Sometimes though, the change calls for something a tad-bit more like the Starbucks' Passion Tea.  I have been grabbing a Passion Tea from Starbucks for the last eight years and I just love it!  I always have them make it sugar free and add the lemonade as a sugar-addition to spice up the flavor and let me tell you, it is heavenly.  The tea is such a great icon for the summer, but at $6.00 a Vente (large) glass it seems to add up after awhile, FAST!  So I went on a hunt to create it myself and, believe it or not, I didn't have to look far.

Tazo®, the brand that Starbucks uses is sold to the general public just like it would be sold to Starbucks or "through" Starbucks; It's about $5.  You can actually buy a box of Passion Tea off the shelf at any grocery store that sells artisan tea, for less than the price of a cup of Passion Tea from Starbucks.  Crazy huh?  Well, with that said, all you do is steep the tea, and then add your lemonade to the tea and refrigerate.  That's it!  Seriously!

After steeping the tea, I like to let the tea bags sit in the water over night in the refrigerator, then add the lemonade the following morning.  That way when I add the lemonade it won't change the flavor because it is cold liquid added to cold liquid.  

If you don't want the added sugar, use sugar-free lemonade or even squeeze fresh lemons straight into your tea.  

Once you get your tea and lemonade mixed, pour into a cocktail shaker, or a larger-rimmed glass over the smaller-rimmed glass, and SHAKE!  Shake it with ice and it makes it taste even more refreshing.  


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  1. i always wondered how that was made. thanks for posting this, i'm going to try this soon.