How to make a Parasol Lantern

I came across this idea a few years ago, and loved it!  I purchased the parasols, but just never completed the project till recently.  I'm sort of a procrastinator really......which I am sure is quite normal in today's world.  Ha!

For this project you'll need:
1.  Parasol Umbrellas (I found mine at Walmart)
2.  Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
3.  Wire Cutter and/or Scissors
4.  Paper Lantern
5.  And, of course, your time and patience.

You'll need about 250 Parasol Umbrellas for this project.

You'll want to open all the umbrellas ahead of time for your project because stopping in the middle to open each one does get a bit annoying after awhile.

Once you are ready to start, position your paper lantern so that it won't roll around with the weight of the umbrellas and the hot glue once you start adding them.  I used an old paper lantern I had for my first one.  It had a few holes from the paper getting torn over the years so it worked out perfectly for this project. 

Place a small drop of hot glue right under the umbrellas where the wooden stick holds the umbrella open.  You can even use the "pink" roll tab that comes with each one as well to help hold them into place.  Poke the stick through the paper and hold into place till glue dries (about 10 seconds).  Position each umbrella slightly over-lapping the one before it.  Change up colors for this or use the same color all the way around.  
I like to get the top done all the way around and use that as a starting point for the middle of the lantern.

Once you get a good amount of umbrellas on the lantern then you can start really looking at the colors needed to make an eye appealing lamp.  Make sure if you are using multicolored umbrellas you don't over-lap the colors that are similar.  Such as, red on pink, etc.

Move around the lantern till you are satisfied with the color combinations.  You can even fill gaps with another umbrella while you move around the ball.
I've left the sticks on for some lanterns and clipped them off with the wire cutters for others; The sticks don't really pose an issue because of the colors of the umbrellas and if you use a low-watt bulb with your electrical hardware you won't see them at all.  It's really your call on your own lantern on whether you want to clip them or not.  

Once you have all your umbrellas in place you can Modge Podge the entire lantern to preserve the umbrellas or leave it as is.  I found the Modge Podge panting was a bit of a hassle, but it worked for the smaller lamps rather than the larger ones.

Once you are all glued, umbrella'ed and ready, insert your light bulb hardware and hang.  It's really that easy.


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