How to make a Cereal Snack Necklace

Back a few weeks ago I talked about a project we did called the "Board of Great Things."  Where we wrote down all the things we wanted to get done over the 90 days of summer break.  One of the things that we added to the board was, make cereal snack necklaces.  So one night, during a movie/game night we decided it was the perfect time to make some, and boy was it fun!  And they are super easy to make.  Here's what we did.....

We took some colorful cereal.....

Some scissors and hemp twine.......

Poured our favorite cereal in a bowl and began stringing it up.

I made one of the cereal loops be my starting place and to help tie it on once it was all put together.

Every few inches Skylar got on the twine, he ended up eating.  Ha!

Using the same cereal loop as before, tie the other end to the opposite side of the round.  

He made a pretty good color pattern once he stopped eating them all.  :-)

Skylar wanted to wear his necklace in the pool though.  

We then had us a bowl of cereal and hung the a few out for the birds to have too!

I think these snack necklaces would work great with other items as well.  Similar to the one below...

Photo source:  Blondie and Brownies

Lots of fun!


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