Hermit Crabs have made great pets

Skylar had been begging and begging for the last year for some sort of a turtle for his room.  I grew up in Arkansas were turtles ran around all day long and you see about 5 of them in your yard on any given week, but not here in Oregon.  Oregon is the place you go to Petco and see a turtle being sold for over $100.

You read that right, $100 FREAKING DOLLARS!  FOR A TURTLE!  Apparently these turtles, according to the worker are, "very rare and require special maintenance."  WHAT!?  Yeah right, we aren't buying that turtle.  What kind of special maintenance would it require, it doesn't have fur, you don't brush its teeth, what in the world kind of maintenance could this ugly thing possibly require?  Throw it in a box with a warm rock and you're done!  Besides that, I am not paying $100 for a turtle.

Sooooooo..... we settled on a few hermit crabs.

These things are actually pretty neat to watch.  They are pretty smart about what's what and all you do for care is spray them once or twice a day, refill their food when needed and also refresh their fresh water and salt water daily.  We enjoy watching them crawl around the kitchen floor too.  Skylar takes them outside on warm days and lets them crawl all around.  They make great pets for kids and also teaches them responsible.

Skylar names his hermit crabs Yoda, Wicket, and R2!  

Much better choice than a turtle, don't you think? :-)

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