Our Garden Currently: Dirt delivered and planting begins!


Here comes the dirt for our raised beds from Central Bark Sales in Lebanon, Oregon

It was delivered by a very chipper driver, as you can see!

We went with a steer manure, garden soil, composed dirt, and saw dust mix.

It smelled awesome!  And we couldn't wait to add it to our raised beds!

Look how amazing it looks!
We were so amped about the soil coming we started planting the same night!

We picked out our favorites and began giving them a dirt nap.

Later that night though we had to cover up some of the little sprouts because it got down to freezing temperatures.  The following day though we uncovered and planted a few more and were good to go!

Can't wait to plant more seeds and starters soon!  I really can't wait to take advantage of the goodies that will be produced from these fantastic little sprouts either!

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