The splendor of the Hawthorn trees in Oregon

These trees are one of a kind in front of my home here in Oregon.  They are quite the eye-catchers and we have had so many people stop by, see them on the internet, or even friends/family ask what kind of tree they are.  They get more attention than my poor, little OXALIS Purple Shamrock.

Their bold, pink ray of color that seems to almost blind you when you stare at them too long.

And even though these Hawthorns are magnificent,  the pollen is incredible!

It sticks to cars like glitter on glue and has a party with allergies too.


But even with all the pollen, the trees are amazing with the color the cast.  Everything around them almost seems to glow with a pink shade for about 3 months.

And you can see another down-side to these beautiful trees.  The THORNS!  Yeah, they are a pain when you run into them.  I try to keep most of the branches cut from about 6-feet down on the tree that way there isn't any eye-pokers lurking around to stab someone.

I always cut a few limbs off here and there and place them in a large vase in my house just to see the bright colors when I wake up.  My bathroom has a black and brown theme to it so these bright, pink Hawthorn limbs bring out a different mood in my bathroom, especially in the morning when I don't want to get up and around.  And the leaves and the berries that come after the blooms have fallen off are very edible too.

The tiny blooms do look amazing in a small dish of water though.  Almost makes me forget all the thorns and dead blooms that come from the pink queens that sit in front of my home.  :)

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