Pink flowers for Friday

After digging frantically through my photos to try to gather up all the ones from my trips back and forth to Arkansas, I came across some flower pictures I took late one night.  I love fresh flowers, but honestly I love live flowers, in a cute little pot, the best.  When someone gives me fresh cut flowers, how can you say no though, really?
How can you say not to fresh cut flowers when they look this lovely?  I received these from my precious little boy, Skylar (his daddy helped) when I landed back in Portland after an Arkansas visit with my beloved, John.  I love the color pink and pretty much any bright color, so they Skylar did a great job picking out the perfect bouquet of roses to give me.  Plus, they were a nice surprise after being shoved on an aircraft for 8 1/2 LONG hours!

We took a little day trip to the Daffodil Farm here in Oregon to pick daffodils around the end of March and in that bunch of flowers we had our self some twins.

Pretty cool huh?  It's probably more common that I know about, but it's still pretty neat to grab a bunch and see the twin sisters of daffodil beauty.  

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