Lapse in judgement

This started out with me about to get onto the dog. It didn't end that way at all! I will admit, I had a lapse in judgement today on what was more important. Damn dog!

 "Skylar, what happened to your face!?" 

 "Hardy jumped on me and tried to get my sandwich."

 "That's it, this PITA dog is driving me nu....aww, you're so cute....who's the cutest doggy in the world......." 

"MOMMY! He scratched me!"

 "Cutie goochie *baby talk words* cute doggie. Mean 'ole Skylar wouldn't share his sandwich, huhhhhh." 

".....uhhhh, I'm the kid here, momMMMYYYYYY, HELLLLLOOOOOOOOO.....UGH! WHATEVS!"

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