DIY: Cloud costume

One of my favorite things is making Halloween costumes for The Bean. This year he wanted to go as a cloud. All I could think was, "how am I going to make a cloud?" The Mr. and I spend weeks thinking of how we could make this come together and while searching on Pinterest I found a cotton candy costume where the batting was the "cotton candy." So with that I bought a sweat suit in The Bean's size and started hot gluing white batting to the suit. 
It was a night-long process, but it was all coming together the way he wanted.

I took a beanie hat and created the top of the cloud.

The Bean was having a blast standing and letting me fix certain areas of the cloud.

The shit part of the costume was really a fun task and he wanted to wear the costume before we were finished gluing on the cloud parts.

When it was all finished I hot glued "CLOUD" across the front.

Even with the word "CLOUD" on the costume people still thought he was other things-"abominable snowman," "stay-puft marshmallow man," and one guy even thought he was a "cotton ball."

It was a fun Halloween costume to make and the best part is, The Bean loved is and had a ball!

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