My name is Shelly. I am a freelance writer for Examinersmall business owner of The Peppermint Bee Farm and Love Bus Jewelry, a yogi, and borderline tree-hugger. I am originally from Arkansas, but currently live near the Pacific Coast. I've gone from the south (Arkansas) to the north (Oregon) and have experienced a lot along the way. 

I love the sound of dress shoes on pavement and my 12-year-old Skylar-Braden (Referred to on my blog as "The Bean"), and husband, (referred to on my blog as "The Mr.")help me escape the bitterness of the world beyond our front door. 

The Bean is everything to us and is such a wonderful blessing that we are so grateful for every day.  He teaches us so much about the little things and we couldn't ask for a better child to be a part of our world. His sweet personality, creativity, and love for the little things makes our life so much better. 

We live in an area of the Pacific Northwest known as the Willamette Valley. It has some of the best views on a good day.

The Mr. and I were married in the early spring of 2003 in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We married in a beautiful bed and breakfast called Tinkerbelle's Wildwood Bed and Breakfast Inn, right in the heart of downtown Hot Springs.  

It was a wonderful, private wedding and we plan on celebrating another year there soon!

My main passion is herbalism and yoga. The practice of yoga has helped me through some tough places and challenges I have faced in my life and my herbalism journey is still evolving. You can follow my yoga blog here and find out what/how certain positions are what they are and why yoga is such a great addition to your regular exercise.  The symbol to the left can be seen on my Twitter, as well.

We are just simple people making it in the world today.
My blogs help me connect with others on a social platform that gets my voice heard and our story told and we are so thrilled that you've taken the time to read our story. In the next year-or two-we will be converting an old bus, so do come back to read all about our struggles and happiness with that project.

We also live with two opposite personality dogs (Bazels 14-years old & PITA (Hardy) six-years old), one spoiled rotten cat (Meia 15-years old)..................

Along with a few hermit crabs of The Bean's. (Yoda, Wicket, and R2)

Oh, did I mention I love the snow here?

You can reach me through email at: mcwilkerson1977[at]yahoo[dot]com. I love reading emails from my readers, so don't hesitate to get in touch!


  1. Nice to meet you Shelly. I look forward to reading your recipe posts.

  2. Hermit crabs are awesome pets for kids. Love your dog thats running, he looks like he is having a ball!