My month through Instagram- May 2016

June 14, 2016

Sunrise over Mount Hood this morning. Such a beautiful day here in the Valley.

#upbeforethesun #willamettevalley

Happy Mother's Day to my Muther. First time I've been with her on Mother's Day in 13 years. It's a good day!

#mothersday #family

I said...I said...Boy, come over here and take a picture with me, boy.
#foghornleghorn #bigchicken

Wiley's One-Eyed Wheat made with Oregon hops, Blues Berry Ale made with Oregon blueberries, and a brick oven/wood fired pizza at Bricktown Brewery in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Love how even in Arkansas we can get a taste of the Willamette Valley.

#oregontoarkansas #brewery

Time to do a sampler tasting of eight different microbrews made in the Lebanon, Oregon area. *Cheers!* #microbrews #conversionbrewing

Another Mountain Valley Water find in Oregon. This flavor is a favorite in our house now.

#mountainvalleywater #hotspringsarkansas

This daisy was in need of some attention. #howlovely

Learning about the effects of ocean tides and currents today in the Red Snail Classroom. Do you know why the ocean only reflects blue and absorbs all of the other colors?

DIY: Make your own ocean.
Old pickle jar
Olive oil
Blue Food Coloring
-Mix the blue food coloring with the water and pour into your jar until half full. Top the jar off with olive oil and screw on the lid. Place a few drops of E6000 glue on the threads of the lid to secure in place. Wait 72 hours to create a watertight seal.

#science #rainvalleyredsnails #homeschooling

Another order of 200 lavender boutonniĆØres for a wedding means harvesting and drying lavender all weekend and into Memorial Day. It smells amazing in here!

Order these handmade beauties straight from my shop, through Facebook, or just call me!

#thepeppermintbeefarm #lavender #weddings


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