My month through Instagram-February 2016

March 16, 2016

Home sick today, but at least I have a pretty kitty to keep me company. #fortheloveofcats #meiasworld #meow_beauties

Time to refresh again. #sagesmudgestick #clearingtheair #positive

Sisters, Oregon, is bright and sunny with only a few inches of snow in some areas. North and South Sister Mountains are gleaming today. #cascademountains #roadtrips

Looking forward to digging into my Yogi Surprise Renewal Box items this weekend. So many great products! #yogisurprise #renewalbox #detox

A little rainbow from the salt water mist in Depoe Bay. #roadtrip

Beautiful start of our Anniversary/Valentine's Day weekend at Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City. #roadtrip #valentinesday #anniversary

Time to eat a little cheese at the Tillamook Cheese Factory. #roadtrip #tillamookcheesefactory #squeakycheese

With his Razorback sweater on, Baz is ready to walk on the beach. #olderdogsarethebestdogs #gohogs #bazels

Having fun with OOBLECK. Is it a liquid, or is it a solid? Hmmmm....super fun stuff! 2 cups cornstarch 1 cup water 10 drops of India Tree Colorant #science #oobleck

This is what happens when a certain "someone" doesn't listen to their wife. Pouring half the bag of Skittles into their hand and expecting every single one to go in their mouth. I said, "You're going to drop some of those and they're probably going to end up under the couch." What does he do? Exactly that! Now he is on a Skittle hunt. Might I add, this is the same man that can't even get popcorn in his mouth without dropping two of three. #pickingonthehubby


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