My month through Instagram-October 2015

November 8, 2015

A colorful dinner tonight. Red potatoes and cilantro from our garden steamed to perfection. #cleaneating #gardening #foodisfree

If you're a fan of The Walking Dead you'll appreciate this wreath. Such a cool and creative way to show my fandom for the fall season! Thanks, @mrhardage and @mrshardage, you guys rock! (P.S. we didn't sh!$ on the floor, but we did suck all of the air out of the room and say, "holy crap" when we opened it. Ha!) @amcthewalkingdead #thewalkingdead #ihaveanawesomebrother #mysisterinlawisbetterthanyours #ha #dontdeadopeninside #woodbury #terminus @spangle102

Hey, Oregon. Your fall is showing.

A bit of late night baking. (Steel cut oat energy bites)

Air Force One leaving Eugene Airport with President Obama on board. We watched the motorcade get loaded on to a C-17 and the Ospreys take off. Such an awesome thing to see in person. #presidentobama #uccstrong #oregon

Out Geocaching for National Geocache Day. We found our first Earthcache in our area. Interesting to know that these Erratics (the rocks in the background) were placed here by ice bergs on a lake once called Lake Allison. We would be approximately 130 feet under water back 15,000 years ago. #geochaching #nationalgeocacheday #earthcache #erratics #lakeallison

One lone dandelion left from the summer season. Although, I am welcoming fall with open arms, I can't help but be a bit sad to see summer go. Maybe this little dandelion marks good fortune for the season. #dandelions #fall #goodfortune

Took a some time today, while passing through Roseburg, to visit the UCC campus. Through all of the sadness, the campus is still so beautiful. Snyder Hall was completely wrapped in black plastic and the room where the shootings took place had black paper on the windows. The intersection before the school was covered in posters, flags, pictures, and other memorabilia for the victims. Such a heartbreaking thing to see in person and I couldn't hold back the tears. My heart breaks for this community, but they will time. #uccstrong

Having a very close and personal conversation with an ostrich right now.

I think these flamingos enjoy Areosmith. (You know, Pink and all.) #pinkismyfavoritecolor #wildlifesafari

Hungry, hungry hippo. #wildlifesafari

Rustic stars now up for grabs in the shop today. Selling in sets of two, with or without twine, small and medium. These stars are made from redwood, oak, or even hickory branches and are 100% natural. Perfect for your fall table-scape, or rustic decor. Check them out at: #rustic #stars #thepeppermintbee

Yoga class, paper grading, and errands. Busy two weeks before our Arkansas/Halloween trip. Lots of things to cover in our little classroom before we leave. Exciting time! #homeschooling #papergrading #roadtrips #oregontoarkansas

Happy "Back to the Future Day!" Check out some cool 'Back to the Future' things over at #backtothefuture #greatscott #backtothefutureday #michaeljfox #docbrown #delorean #timemachine

Beautiful Oregon skies.

What a great Friday! I received, not only the Yogi Surprise October box, but also the Yogi Surprise Anniversary box. Lots of great things to try over the weekend! TGIF, YS Team! You guys rock! #yogisurprise #chocolita #urbanoreganics #merakibotanicals #paleosimplified #taooftea #balancedguru #gypsysoulorganics #houseofgoodjuju #janeandrocco #peoplestowels #sevaamazon #jivashop #essentiallivingfoods

Cleaning up the garden this weekend. We seemed to have created a Cherry Tomato-Apocalypse. (Anyone local need some cherry tomatoes?) #cherrytomatoes

Two more days to go before we fly to Arkansas. First Halloween we've gone back home in 11 years! We are packing, planning, and getting last-minute things together. Pretty exciting! #halloween #oregontoarkansas #trips
We are sitting here at Dallas with Flight 1025 and we are having to exit the plane and board another one. According to the co-pilot, the valve on the anti-skid brakes has malfunctioned. But upon further investigation, it seems they let Skylar man the plane. No wonder things are breaking. :P (Thanks so much, Wes for letting him sit in the cockpit. You made one little boy very happy!) #wearetired #southwestairlines #flight1025 #oregontoarkansas
Beautiful view of Lake Hamilton this morning, after the rain stopped. #hotsprings #arkansas

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