My month through Instagram-February 2015

February 28, 2015

Patriot Pie.

Adding to my Downton Abbey collection.

Gold Heart Aprons at The Peppermint Bee Shop.

Lots of fruit for today's luncheon.

Getting lost in Hometown Furniture.

Beautiful tulips to brighten the room.

A bit foggy on the Pacific Coast this morning.

Beautiful view of Mt. Hood today in Oregon.

I may live in the north, but I don't forget to celebrate the crazy side of the south.  

Our living room window, at night.

All you need is love, love is all you need.  -John Lennon

Isn't that the truth.  No place like Crystal Springs, Arkansas.

Chinese takeout kind of night.

Today in the Red Snail Classroom, we learned about Black History Month.

Well, yet another thing I've been eating wrong.


Five on Friday: Spark of Loves this Week (Pearl and Clasp)

February 27, 2015

It's Friday and I am so ready for the weekend here in the Willamette Valley.  We are set to have sunshine Saturday and Sunday here and it couldn't be better timing.  This weekend is the first weekend we are able to get out and get The Peppermint Bee Farm in order for the growing season coming upon us quickly.  Our poor, old Craftsman lawnmower finally hit the bottom, so we will be on a hunt for a new one this weekend, for sure!  I might be sharing the new grass conqueror in next week's Five on Friday, so look out for that!  Any suggestions on a good one, are always welcome in the comments section below.  :)  

So here we go with this week's Five on Friday.

1.  These Earrings.

I am starting this Five on Friday off with a review of some amazing earrings.  I was contacted by Pearl and Clasp recently to review some of their jewelry.  I received the black pearl earrings, and I was pleasantly surprised.  They are solid, minimal, and the best part, they don't get caught in my hair. 

These earrings can be worn with just about anything really.  They are beautiful and come in a pearl, pink, and the black pictured here.  You can snag a pair at the Pearl and Clasp site for under $25!  

Similar earrings have been seen on Ginnifer Godwin and Angelina Jolie.
Source                                                       Source

You can get these Black Pearl Button Earrings on their site at Pearl and Clasp for under $25.  You can also get 15% off your entire order from there by using code:  shelly15.  Check them out, they have a lot of great quality jewelry.  Pearl and Clasp will also restring your broken pearl necklaces and bracelets too.  

Be sure and follow Pearl and Clasp on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook to stay up on the latest items they have for sale.

2.  This Kitty

I've been doing a lot of posts about my Persian/Siamese named Meia during my Five on Friday because she turns 15 this year.  15!  She still acts like a spunky little kitten too.  She will be 15 in November of this year, so you will be seeing a lot of her throughout the posts in 2015.  

3.  This Icing.

Talk about the easiest chocolate icing that ever was.  Here's how it's made:

  • 1 cup unsalted butter 
  • 3 cups confectioners’ sugar 
  • 2 tablespoons milk (I used 2%)
  • 1 bag semi sweet chocolate chips (Melted.  Do this in the microwave in 30 second intervals)
Pour it into a mixing bowl and mix on medium high until it is spreading consistency.  Add more milk if the mix is too thick, or more sugar if the mix is too thin.  This icing is the perfect compliment to a white cupcake, or for a chocolate overload, try it on a chocolate cupcake, or cake.  It's amazing!

4.  This Trip.

We took a trip on the Polar Express back in December, and I have JUST now be able to go through the TONS of photos we took on the trip.  One of the things we did on the trip was take shots with our Flat Ryan from Arkansas.  Those Polar Express and trip pictures coming soon!

5.  This Desk.

Skylar finally has an official desk for out little Red Snail Classroom.  I'm so pleased that we finally found "the one."  It's the perfect size for him and will fit nicely in the space we are reserving for it. The desk is from World Market and is called the Secretary Desk.  You can grab one of these for your own classroom, or home here, but hurry, they sell out so quick.  The day that I posted that we bought this desk on Facebook, my mom went to look at it and it was already out of stock.  So grab one fast!   More on this when it comes in!

You can join this link up every Friday by visiting Carolina Charm.  All you do is, blog about five things that made your week special and share it with the others in the linky.  It's that easy!

Five on Friday: Spark of Loves this Week

February 20, 2015

It's the weekend again and I am so happy.  The last few days, here in the Willamette Valley, the sun has been out and I feel almost guilty saying that because everyone else I know is getting snow and ice.  We've had a fair share of days without the warm sun, so the guilty isn't all that bad for me.  We are sure to get our share of winter weather still to come, we always do.  This sense of "false spring" always hits us right about now, so I am going to soak in these rays and not feel bad at all!  :)  Here is a bit of what made my week special.

1.  This Book Domino from the Seattle Public Library.  

Because it's totally awesome!

2.  These sweet kitty.

Because she's old and I love her.

3.  This bather.

Because Bluejays are quite annoying sometimes, but this one was fun to watch as he bathed for a long while.  

4.  This science project.

Because we aren't sure what to do with it quite yet, but it will be amazing when we do!

5.  This wall painting.

Because I free-handed it onto the kitchen wall, and I still like it every time I look at it.  


These balloons.

Because they were just floating by one day, out of nowhere.  

You can join this weekly five by visiting, Christina at North Carolina Charm and adding your link of five things that made your week, to her list.  What five things made your week special?  Join the link-up and let everyone know.  
Have a great weekend!

Simple decor with vintage bottles

February 18, 2015

Vintage bottles are my weakness and when I started having a bit of an issue finding a home for all of them I decided to come up with a better decor plan.  Sticking with one of my New Year's Resolutions, I decided to make the decor as minimal as possible.  What better way than putting them up in a unique and eye-appealing way.  Here is what I did to achieve this quick, and easy bottle display.
I started with some simple bottles I gathered up throughout my house.  They were pretty much everywhere and perched on top of picture frames, bookshelves, and even window sills.  If you don't have bottles like the ones pictured above, you can always frequent antique stores, or second-hand stores to find them.

I used heavy twine.

Tied a loop around the bottle neck of each one.

And hung.

I filled each one with something different and eye-catching.  Feathers, dried flowers, lavender, etc.

The hung bottles seemed to mesh well with the other decor in the great room.

Now to figure out what to do with the other larger bottles.  Hmmmm.....