October 6, 2015

My month through Instagram- September 2015

New items coming to the shop soon! Stay tuned..... http://www.thepeppermintbee.com #rusticstars #thepeppermintbee #handmade #etsy #decor #stars

A few pretties from the garden today. #cherrytomatoes #gardening

This just happened in our house. (Cast iron chocolate chip cookie) http://www.marthastewart.com/1034356/skillet-chocolate-chip-cookie #chocolatechipcookie #castironskillet #baking #homesteading #yummy

Almost Wizard of Oz-like today in the Valley. #weather #pinkskyatnight #rain #oregon #willamettevalley #wizardofoz

Summer's over. #summer #flowers #anotherschoolyear #laborday

Bathtub Battleship. #gamenight #battleship #wearenerds

Today we remember and honor. #911 #neverforget #america 

My favorite kind of Geocache so far. (Nanos) #geocache #geocachinginoregon #nanocache

I can always tell when someone adds me to unwanted mailing lists by the misspelling of my name. #thanksbutnothanks #junkmail

I think he has his "needs" and "wants" a little confused. #citylife

Not too happy that he has to do homework today. I made him clean his room too. #grrrrrr #meanmommy

MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! #seagull #findingnemoseagulls #poorsalmon #pacificcoast

The boys. #daddytime #likefatherlikeson

This sweet, little face always has kisses for me when I come home. #kittylove #meiasworld #fortheloveofcats #love

This month's Yogi Surprise box is amazing! The best one yet! You can get one too! http://yogisurprise.com/?ys=4429 #philosophiemama @philosophiemama #gaiam @gaiam #urbanmoonshine #bigdipperwaxworks @yogisurprise #cavemancookies #elementalherbs #mollymuriel

Today seemed like the perfect day to explore the pet store. These chameleons are fascinating! #chameleons #fascinating #thecolorgreen #petsmart

Neighborhood watch. #meow #fortheloveofcats #meiasworld

It's that time of year again. #teatreeoil #helpswardoffsickness #cleanstheair (Bracelets from @yogisurprise)

"Hey Skylar, where do you want to eat for your birthday?" "I want a black hamburger." "Um, what?" "The big black one from TV." "Oh. Um.......okay......" :-/ #halloweenwhopper #burgerking #happybirthday @burgerking


Road Trips: A quick trip to Portland, Oregon

Sometimes we have no rhyme or reason to just jump in the car and take off somewhere at the drop of a hat.  I like to plan things, but sometimes an impromptu road trip helps break up the monotony of the week.  That's exactly what we did this week.  Just jumped n the car and drove up to Portland to go out to eat and just drove back.  It was a lovely day too.  The sky never looked so blue.

Sometimes road trips are well worth the time.

October 4, 2015

Saturday Sparks; Things that made my week amazing

Another weekend, another wonderful week down.  I'm currently in the process of planning a Halloween party back home in Hot Springs, Arkansas and it has literally been a task.  It's not so much the planning, but the effort to bring everything together and I have this weird obsession with making everything perfect.  Ahhh!  I have had a lot of fun getting things together for it though, and I am super excited to see a lot of people.  I haven't decided if this will be a yearly thing yet, but for this year, I will be thrilled to have a reunion with some old neighborhood pals.  So anyway, onto what you're really here for.  Here are the things that made my past week wonderful.

1.  This decor.

Because I've been on a mad dash through my house to get rid of unnecessary items.  I've been following this blog:  Reading my Tea Leaves to gain a grasp on living more minimal in the city here.  It's a hard task, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Stay tuned for the finished home tour of our home.

2.  This meal

Because it's all local.  The zucchini and carrots are from our own garden and the chicken breast is from a local farm here in the valley.

3.  These changes

The fall season is rolling in slowly here in the valley.  The changes in the tree colors and the rain will be here before we know it.  Sad to see summer go, but fall is a good time to clean up the yard and get things ready for the back-to-back holiday season.

4.  This tea

Because I am a tea drinker and these brands are some of the best I've had.  You can get the Coconut Chai below and the Blackbid Tea here.

5.  This guy

Because he works hard and is appreciated every day!  He gives so much and doesn't know how important he is to two people that love him a lot.  Thanks for being who you are, Jeff.  We love you so much more than words can express!

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