Our garden currently (the cleanup)

June 29, 2015

Well, it's another year, well season, of garden cleaning here.  We, once again, let the grass grow in the beds.  It was out of laziness, seriously, we just were lazy in covering them.  I think my laziness was due to the fact that I have been wanting to move the raised beds for a few years now.

Even Baz thinks the garden area is too overgrown to lay in.  

So from this......

To this is what we did.  Instead of digging all the grass out of each overgrown bed, we decided to just move them completely to a different area of the backyard.

We used thin fence post, the same once used for solar light finals, to hold the two beds together when stacked on top of each other.
We covered the bottom with a sheet of weed block.  We stapled it down so that it wouldn't shift when we turned the beds over onto the ground.

We stapled the first sheet with staples being about an inch apart.  We then staled another sheet to the back to double up on the weed block and stapled it with the staples about eight inches apart.  

Weed Blocker we used.

Once we got both of them in position where we wanted them, we then added the posts with a screw in the top bed and a screw in the bottom bed to hold them both into place.

With the dirt added on top of them, it will hold nicely.  

We added a container of lady bugs to the garden at night to help with pollinating and to each all of the pesky aphids that seem to want to munch on our goodies.

Now that the garden is all cleaned up and ready for dirt, we are excited to get our little plants into the ground and reap what we sow. 

Stay Tuned!

Great Garden Reading:

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Five on Friday; Spark of Loves this Week

June 26, 2015

It's Friday, a hot Friday here.  It got up to 101 here today, which isn't all that hot to me, since I am from Arkansas where the humidity is so high you can't breathe.  I love this kind of weather, it's pool weather!  Yay!  Well, here's what made my summer week awesome!  Be sure and link up with me each week below the post to share what made your weeks amazing.

1.  These Raspberries.

Because they came from our own raspberry bush and they taste amazing right off the vine.

2.  This Gnome.

Because it was a card and it was perfect for the occasion.  

3.  These Lucifer's Tongue.

Because they are growing like crazy already and so beautiful in front of the house.  

4.  This Carpet.

Because it was outdoors and now it's indoors.  It's the perfect shade to go in out great room.  It's called the Honeycomb Rug.

5.  These Vegetables.

Because they came from our garden and are delicious!

I have even been using the cucumbers for my Sassy Water Drinking.  

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Five on Friday; Spark of Loves this Week

June 19, 2015

It's Friday and that means another week is done.  We are finally on the last week of our baseball games and our time seems to be slowly trickling back to where we can relax.  Two games left in the spring season of baseball, so we are a bit sad, but also glad that we can get back to having our evenings back to dinner at the table together.  This weekend is the Summer Solstice and also Father's Day on Sunday.  We are looking forward to a weekend of relaxation and celebrating Jeff for being a great dad!  Hope your weekend is great too!  Here are the things that made my week amazing!

1.  This Bell.

Because it's a vintage school bell and makes the most amazing sound when rung in the morning.  We homeschool, so it just seemed right to get a school bell to ring each day of class.  

2.  This Sign and This Shortcake.

Because where we live it's strawberry season right now.  From the first weekend in June to the middle of July, strawberries take front seat and are everywhere.  The sign is from Grandpa's Farm in Lebanon, Oregon, and the World's Largest Shortcake was during the Strawberry Parade in Lebanon, Oregon. (below:  menu sign at Burgerville in Albany, Oregon.)  Strawberries are everywhere!

3.  This Night Shot.

Because it's of the Strawberry Fair.  We went and rode some fun rides and had our annual corn dog and fresh squeezed lemonade that we always have each year.  It was a good time!

4.  This Homemade Jam.

Because each year we try to make up another batch of strawberry jelly from the ones we grow ourselves and also ones that we gather from local you-pick farms around the Willamette Valley.  It's freezer jam and here's my own recipe here!

5.  This Quote.
Because I found it on Pinterest and I found it fascinating.  Very interesting, right?

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