Five simple things

May 18, 2018


So this week has been a blast! The Mr. and I spent some time over at Sunriver, Oregon, and had such a great getaway. I have many pictures to share and those will come in a separate post soon. As far as back on home base, today is the day we begin our garden planting. I've worked up some plans at the end of February and I am pleased to bring those drawings to life. The Mr. and I like to keep a garden each year mainly because we like to grow our own food and know that it's healthy, safe, and rewarding. I grew up always having a garden and my dad is one of the best gardeners. I learned a lot from him about respecting the earth and giving back what we take. My mother grows some of the best plants and flowers in three counties back home in Arkansas, too. Her flowerbeds are the talk of the town. I am looking forward to sharing all of the growth, foraging, and pleasure our little gardens will bring this season. Here are five simple things that made this week good.

1. This weed guide...

With The Bean and I doing more foraging it's nice to have a guide for our own area that helps us identify random weeds that we are surrounded by and know whether they are edible or poisonous. Interested in this book? Get a PDF copy for yourself here, or print copy here.

2. These Mother's Day gifts...

For Mother's Day morning I received the most perfect gifts from The Bean and The Mr. My favorite chocolate and a cookbook from Joanna Gaines that I've been swooning for. They definitely know me! Looking forward to whipping up some great recipes in this cookbook. Another cookbook/foraging book I've had my eye on.

3. This deer...

...And many others we saw at Sunriver, Oregon, this last road trip.

4. This yellow door...

The door to our suite at Sunriver, Oregon. It loved the bright, cheery yellow color of it and it couldn't help but make you smile each time you walked through it.

4. Yogi Surprise...

Always giving props to Yogi Surprise. Never a dull box and never a dull item. This month has to be the best ones yet! I know I may say that every month, but they just get better and better each month. You can get on next month's box here and get a $10 credit towards your first box at with code: REFVIZJFQGQVQ

5. Final thoughts...

In light of what took place today at yet another location where people should feel secure, I can't help but add my thoughts to the mix of many others out there. Instead of ending this post with my normal, "Have a good weekend," I am ending it with these final thoughts instead. Being a no name blogger that doesn't get a lot of traffic, it's hard to voice myself and get it out there on many platforms. Being a low key blogger does have its downfall when it comes to wanting to get the message out that things need to change. We all know it. So whether it's shared here, or on a large-scale blog, or not, we all know something has to give. Loving others and showing them that love is not a hard task. Letting people, especially young adults, know that they are loved, wanted, needed, and enjoyed is an easy thing to do. Being hateful, mean, and judgmental to people is hard and takes practice. Spreading hate through your voice, your words, or your actions is the wrong way to live. Tell others you love them, be near those that make you beam, and give that love away to others that need it much more than you think. Love really is all we need. I am going to spend the weekend hugging, loving, and showing The Bean and The Mr. how much they truly are loved. In times like these, it makes me wonder as a parent where someone failed these young kids and young adults that carry out such horrible actions against others younger than them, the same age as them, and adults that guide them. I won't be praying for the families of these victims today and this weekend. I will, however, be looking into ways that I can do my part as a parent and push for change

Five simple things

May 11, 2018

Hello there.

TGIF! I don't know if people say that anymore, but I sure do. Especially when the weekend has great things in store. If you remember last Friday the mention of the second round of another road trip. Today marks trip number two. We are headed out of the Valley and jetting over to a nice place called, Sunriver. We've been here before and had a great time! The Mr. and I can't wait to get away again and this time be able to relax without having an agenda or a schedule. As I sit here and type this I can't help but think that this summer will be one for the books, for sure! We are already planning a few more road trips and I can't wait to get away and explore, forage, and be one with nature. All three of us are road trippers by heart and this is definitely the way to live. Travel is, after all, the healthiest addiction. So with that, here are five simple things that made this week good!

1. This rear-view...

As you know, The Mr. and I took our Christmas Valley trip last Friday and learned a lot about the area in two days. The best part of traveling there was the great views ahead and behind us the entire way. This is a view of Mt. Bachelor in the rear view mirror.

2. This shot from Ag Fest...

We took this same picture when The Bean was four. Although at the time he was four, the wheel seemed a lot bigger. Ag Fest here in Oregon is always a fun event. It gives kids and their parents a look into the farmer practices that surround the area. The Bean also got to pan for gold. He was quite good at it and ended up finding some nice flakes in his pan.

3. Kettle Chips...

If you're a fan of the brand Kettle Chips, you will be pleased to know that their practices are still small scale and based right here in Oregon. Salem, Oregon, is the headquarters for the brand and we are big time fans of their great chips and their high standards.

4. Waterloo campground...

The weather has been wonderful here in the Valley the last few days and it has me dreaming of floating the river. This view is looking over the bridge near Waterloo Park in Waterloo, Oregon, of the South Santiam River.

5. Fields of butterweed...

So many fields of gold here at the moment. The aroma coming from these fields are intoxicating. I love this time of year in Oregon. It's such a beautiful state and right now its on full display!

A few more things:

Figment Portraits. Looking for a conversation piece?

• Summer's coming. Get some good quality flip flops.

Greenhouse from old windows. Weekend project?

Grimm Brothers' Fairy Tales. (Complete list)

Have a nice weekend!